All you need to know about Sex Dolls

Using The Latest Modern Technology
Featuring hyper-realistic rubber materials and technology for today’s modern era.

An Asian Sex Doll, which is sometimes referred to as an Asian Love Doll, is a manufactured life-size human-like doll made from a synthetic material known as TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). She is anatomically correct and has all the right proportions and enticing erotic body parts to please all who interact with her. Her body and its orifices are designed to look and feel just like a regular female, which are sure to arouse all users and customers. Utilising the latest modern technology, our Asian Sex Dolls create a realistic and lifelike imitation and version of a female body, including the most preferred and ideal proportions. 

Medical Grade Quality TPE Is Used
TPE is completely safe, affordable, and very realistic.

A sex or love doll is what is generally known to be a full-size sex doll that its companions can make love to. The finest Asian Sex Dolls are made from high quality medical-grade TPE, to ensure that the dolls are safe to use and durable for long-lasting relationships. They are easy to clean and to keep in good sanitary condition. 

Mechanical Enhancements Are Available
Asian Sex Dolls brought to life through the addition of mechanical enhancements.

Many of our Asian Sex Dolls come with reinforced metal skeletons, which allow for her to use extra bodily movement, and will enhance and improved your own overall personal experience.

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A Lifelike Experience
Not just rubber and lifeless, the quality of sex dolls has improved dramatically.

Love dolls - such as our Asian and Thai Sex Dolls - are not just an enhanced toy that can be used for sexual pleasure. Today’s modern have been developed and improved upon after many decades of use and experience, by both users and their makers. Their vagina, mouth and anus are very lifelike, and designed to look and feel just like you would find on a real woman.

She Can Help You Explore All Of Your Fetishes Or Fantasies
Fantasy love dolls; threesomes; group sex; chick-with-dicks and custom orders are available.

If your wife or husband is not interested or cannot help you to explore a desire, fetish, or fantasy that you may have, then a Asian Sex Doll is the perfect solution for you. Your love and sex doll will be 100% obedient to you and your wishes, and you will be free to explore your wildest fantasies without the need to acknowledge or account for anyone else’s own limitations or personal judgements.

Our Asian Sex Dolls Are For Everyone
Sexual inexperience, social phobia, and physical disabilities. 

There is not one particular type of person that buys or uses sex dolls. Anyone and everyone, from your average, everyday person, to someone with a specific TPE sex doll fetish, can and will benefit from forming a personal connection with a love and sex doll. These dolls allow people with discomfort and disabilities; social phobias; and those who have trouble connecting with other people on a deeper more personal level to explore a sexual relationship that they may not have the chance or ability to otherwise. Our beautiful Asian and Japanese Love Dolls are willing and ready to do whatever pleases you, and they are always ready to acquiesce and perform whenever you are. If you have reservations or are unable to ask your partner to engage in a certain sexual act or kinky fantasy that you have interests in fulfilling, your very own personal sex doll will be available to fulfill your needs without making judgements or applying boundaries or restrictions. 

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Always Faithful And Entertaining
Are you in a long-distance relationship or just wanting some extra spice in the bedroom?

For some people in a long-distance relationship, sex dolls can and will help them stay committed to their partner, by allowing them an outlet to release their sexual energy in a safe and non-harmful way. Married people who are not receiving the type of sex that they want or desire, can also enjoy the company of an Asian Love Doll, while avoiding misleading or cheating behaving inflicted upon their partner. For those who are single and not in a relationship, using a love and sex doll as a sexual partner can be less expensive and less time-consuming than regular dating scenarios. 

Couples: Fulfilling Your Sexual Fantasies
Have you ever wanted to try a threesome, but are worries about involving another human?

For couples, bringing a sex doll into the bedroom can be a great way to fulfil their own sexual fantasies - which might include threesome or orgies - without adding any extra emotional issues or complications. Whether it’s a substitute for a relationship that offers companionship, or an exciting and fulfilling way to explore sexual fantasies, sex dolls are available and appropriate for anyone who is looking to improve upon their own personal life and sex life. Because our Asian Sex Dolls can be adjusted and ordered to your own desires - including breasts, big butts and skinny waistlines - you can even explore and enjoy fantasies that you may not usually be able to with a women in an outside world scenario. 

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Sex Doll History - Formerly Known As Dutch Wives
Throughout history, sex dolls have been different, but the purpose has always remained the same.

Even though the modern sex doll as we know it came to be in the 1990s, their history and use go way back further. Since ancient times various cultures have had their own version of - and used - what we today know as sex dolls. The original sex dolls were not lifelike and realistic like we see with modern dolls, but their intended purpose and use was still the same. In ancient Greek literature there are several accounts of men having intimate relations with statues that were created to represent their ideal representation of a woman. And European sailors from the 17th century, who were often away at sea for months at a time, also made an early version of a sex doll, commissioned from leather and other fabrics. Through trading these dolls came into the hands of the Japanese, who called them Dutch wives. And still today, many Japanese people still call sex and love dolls Dutch wives. 

The Modern Blow-Up And Asian Sex Doll
While 1968 saw the introducing of inflatables, 2012 saw the rise of TPE skinned sex dolls.

Plastic inflatable sex dolls began their rise in prominence in 1968, when it became safe and legal to sell sex toys via the mail and postage services. By the 1980s, sex dolls were widely available for sale in sex service orientated retail shops. While the dolls from this era might make for funny joke gifts, these dolls do not reproduce anything like the feeling of intimate sexual relations, and the material that they are made of is not durable enough for extended and prolonged use. Thankfully, modern technology has largely rendered these older sex dolls obsolete. Making love to an Asian Love Doll now looks and feels just like the real thing, thanks to the use of premium TPE for the skin layer, which produces a pleasing balance of softness and firmness to touch, as well as an elasticity that is self-recovering, which overall provides the effect of feeling just like human skin. 

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