Falling In Love With A Sex Doll

The time when love and sex dolls were considered as only playthings for an easy and secretive sexual experience have long past, with modern day enlightenment and attitudes now embracing the dolls to the full. As the dolls have evolved in both appearance and practical applications, the bond between them and their owners has also grown, to the point where some form of real emotional and physical relationship can now develop and grow.

It can be thought of as a sign of the times that a relationship between a human and an inanimate object is now possible and even acceptable. And we are reminded of the saying that “love knows no bounds”, as surely an acknowledged connection is as good as place as any for an attachment to appear and to expand with time. Adult love and sex dolls are now in that conversation and thought around the world, as men and women are forming genuine relationships with their loved and valued companions.

And if you are reading this today it is likely that you are either interested in or already have a connection of your own with a doll, and we welcome you to the worldwide community of love and sex doll lovers where you are always welcome and never judged. Today we will talk about the various sensations that you may and will feel from developing a deeper connection with your doll, and how that can benefit you in many ways.

An Intimate Connection Is Formed

Intimacy and personal feelings have much deeper meanings than just shallow lust and cravings. It is also about the physical bonding that can take place between two individual entities. And that is exactly what happens when a true connection develops and occurs between a love and sex doll and its owner. The doll is no longer simply just an inanimate object used for sex; it becomes much more than that. With feelings developing the former robotic lovemaking with no affection can turn into something much more lustful and passionate.

A meaningful connection can be made between the user and the doll as basic human gratification is taken to a higher place through intimacy. With intimate knowledge and frequent interaction and intercourse it is possible for a deeper bond to form between the two, and it is known to happen regularly and frequently all over the world, regardless of race and gender.

Once these feelings are established the relationship can begin to blossom and become very satisfying on many physical and emotional levels. And soon the urge for constant companionship and interaction is available, and if this is acted upon it is likely that a rewarding and intimate connection will form between the sex doll and its owner.

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Feelings Of Happiness And Euphoria

As a love and sex doll owner you may find yourself feeling happier than usual, but perhaps you cannot quite pinpoint why? That extra feeling of happiness is being provided to you by your doll, and the intimate connection that you have with it, which has been formed by closeness and interaction. Could it be love? That certainly is possible, and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Your days can seem brighter and you have more enthusiasm than before. This can lead to inward and outward growth, and you may find yourself with improved self-esteem and confidence. The sight of your doll can add a spring to your step and added pep and sway to your movement.

A feeling of contentment can enter your life whenever you are in the company of your doll; a feeling that cannot be explained in simple terms. So if you have these added emotions you can now pinpoint where they have come from and you can thank your doll for them. And if you are yet to experience them, this is something that you can hopefully look forward to in the future.

Opening Up And Revealing Yourself To Your Doll

Everybody carries around with them their own thoughts, wishes and desires. These are usually self-contained and are only shared with those that we feel that we can trust, and that we are the most secure in ourselves around. It is like there is an invisible wall that surrounds us that only our closest confidantes are allowed within.

To be let inside requires a relationship that is elevated above others, and this is the type of relationship that you can form and develop with your love and sex doll. You may find yourself confiding in your doll about all manner of things: it may begin with mundane things such as what happened to you throughout your day, and progress to advanced subjects like personal relationships, feelings and wider inward and outward looking thoughts.

Love is more than just physical actions, it is also consists of mental thoughts and actions as well. If these types of things begin to happen to you and continue to occur on an ongoing basis, then it is quite possible that you are falling or have fallen in love with your doll. As it is a well-known fact that love and trust are inextricably linked.

A Strong Emotional Connection Is Formed

When a strong emotional connection is formed between a sex doll owner and their doll than a strong bond between the two has truly occurred. It is at this stage that the owner has truly accepted their doll as a physical and emotional partner and companion in their daily life. Those that doubted that a relationship between a person and an inanimate object could be formed have now been proven wrong.

Feelings can exist between anyone and anything, and it’s your personal thoughts and actions that define your own personal connections and experiences. If such feelings have developed between yourself and your love and sex doll you will most likely see appreciate the value that your doll can bring to your life and your being.

It is the existence of your emotions, feelings and thoughts that can validate your relationship and experience with your doll, and which can make your doll a personal and private companion and partner in your life.

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In Conclusion

Today we have looked at what it is like to fall in love with a sex doll. By doing this we are celebrating the relationship that can form between a person and their doll. Developing emotions and feelings for a love and sex doll is not uncommon, and it is in fact taking place right now all over the world.

The relationship between a doll owner and their doll is to be embraced and encouraged for the better health and mind of all. A love and sex doll can add to and enhance your life, and on a deeper level provide you with an increase of emotional and physical well-being. Let’s hear it for love!

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