Sales Of Sex Dolls Increase During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic

The arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic has been unlike anything most of us have ever seen before. Most of our lives have changed in one way or another, and different countries are at different stages of the pandemic, and each is dealing with it in their own way. And there has been a series of tightening and relaxing measures which have also produce varying results of success in containing the virus.

The virus has also brought huge damage to business and its associated employment. May businesses have shut down – some unfortunately forever – and many people now find themselves either without employment or on government benefits.

Interestingly though there a few businesses that have managed to prosper in these difficult times, and one of these that has is the sales of online love and sex dolls. Online sales of love and sex dolls have increased in these difficult times, as people who are now starved of the outdoors and intimacy are forced to look at other ways to fulfil their sexual satisfaction.

And while it can’t be denied that our doctors, nurses, specialists and scientists are doing a fantastic job during these trying times, there is another noble entity that has come to the fore – the humble yet lovable sex doll! Some may even consider the role that the sex doll is playing during the current pandemic as admirable and heroic!

So while this moment in history is without doubt very difficult for most, the love and sex doll has risen to the occasion, and it is now providing a vital service to many people, in and out of their home. With their undeniable health and safety benefits on offer, singles and couples have embraced the online sex doll in greater numbers than before.

Sex Dolls To The Rescue

The online love and sex doll industry is buzzing as sales have increased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic period. As for us this has led to two new developments: an increase in the amount of staff that we use to process and package our customers orders, and also, more importantly, an increase in our already high health and safety standards. Pleasantly a number of new, potential customers along with current and previous customers have been in touch to wish us and our business well.

We certainly aren’t complaining though! We are more than happy to keep providing the best sex dolls that the internet has to offer, and we know that our customers are more than satisfied with the love partners that we send to them. During this difficult time we are proud to be able to provide the community with such a beneficial service, and the thought that we are able to greatly assist people through this uncomfortable period is ample motivation for us.

Asian Sex Doll Covid
Why Do People Use Sex Dolls, And What Are The Benefits?

Love and sex dolls have been in existence for a long time now and they have helped many people form an attachment and gain sexual satisfaction that they may not of previously been able to otherwise. Be it singles, couples or more, sex dolls have been improving peoples sex lives on an on-going basis for centuries, and now during this difficult time they are proving to be as invaluable as ever.

Whatever your situation, be it single or in some form of a relationship, love and sex dolls are a great option, and companion. The following are just some of the benefits to owning a pleasure doll:

  • Love and sex dolls are clean and hygienic. As the owner is responsible for the condition of the doll most users preferable to keep them in a fit and good state. Depending on how it is used, a doll will only require at a minimum a quick wipe down or at a most a bath or shower with warm water and a cleaning agent. Some dolls come with a removable vagina which makes the process of cleaning even easier.

  • Love and sex doll are disease free. Once you purchase a sex doll it is all yours to do with it whatever you would like. This means that there is no chance of contracting an STD or any other type of unwanted health condition. With the Coronavirus prevalent there is now an increased risk to your health through sexual encounters, and by owning and interacting with your own sex doll this risk it minimised and reduced.

  • The modern love and sex doll is very realistic. Unlike the past when sex doll users would encounter an inflatable imitation of a woman (or man), sex doll owners and users can now enjoy a sexual experience with something that is closer to a real-life human being. The modern design and features provide realistic sexual scenarios, and highly customised body parts such as the breasts and vagina are now available.

  • Love and sex dolls allow you the opportunity to live out all your sexual fantasies. With the realistic features available you can comfortably act and live out all of your sexual desires, and try out various positions which you may previously not of felt comfortable in doing. In these difficult times when more of us are spending time at home this has become a moment of brightness for some.

  • When you are the owner of a love and sex doll you will not receive the judgement from another. You can behave and perform however you like, and you do not need to worry about critique or scorn from a sexual partner. Your doll is 100% compliant and is there to fulfill your every wish and need.

Pornhub to the Rescue?

Earlier in the year Pornhub announced free membership to the premium content that exists on their website, which, according to the well-known adult video content platform, would give people an extra incentive to stay at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, and to assist authorities with flattening the virus outbreak curve worldwide. Such an appealing offer caused a spike in traffic for the porn host and producer, which provided them with a win / win scenario for them, with an increase in new users and members to their platform.

Sex doll owners were also happy with this news as they were now able to access premium porn content which they could enjoy watching while also interacting with their dolls. Pornhub is seen as a market leader when it comes to innovative pornography, with new concepts such as virtual reality sex becoming more common and now being promoted by the website.

Sex Dolls: Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned earlier, we have been receiving many more orders and emails since the Coronavirus began now carries on. For your convenience we have decided to list some of the most frequently asked questions about love and sex dolls along with their corresponding answers:

Q: Is it safe and legal to receive deliveries during the Coronavirus pandemic?

A: Yes it is. It is 100% safe and legal to receive deliveries at this time.

According to research conducted by the Center for Disease and Prevention, there is an extremely low risk to zero chance of parcels delivered to be carrying the Coronavirus. virus. And while it may be possible that the virus can be found on cardboard, plastic or stainless steel for up to 72 hours after initial transmission, there would be an extremely low risk of our customers ever coming in contact with the Coronavirus due to a delivery from us. In fact, there is no real proof that this method of transmission has ever even occurred.

Q: Are your home deliveries still being conducted as per normal?

A: Unfortunately the delivery time of our dolls has been affected due to newly implemented regulations in regards to the Coronavirus.

Each country is dealing with the Coronavirus in a different way, and unfortunately border closures and an overall reduction in the number of freight flights available has had an affect on how long one of our deliveries does takes to get to one of our customers. However, we continue to work with the relevant authorities in each country to ensure our packages are received and processed as quickly as possible, so that our customers can receive our deliveries as quickly as possible. There may be a slight delay in you receiving your doll but you can be assured that we will have it delivered to you as soon as is realistically possible.

Thai Sex Doll Covid
In Summary

The surge in demand for love and sex dolls due to the Coronavirus pandemic was unexpected, though it is a trend that we are only too happy to see and to accommodate to the best of our abilities. In response we have increased the number of staff that we employ to ensure that our entire operation is working to its full potential, and our commitment to delivering excellent customer service to all of our customers remains intact at all times. We also will ensure that every step of your love doll journey – from beginning to end – is completed to your complete agreeance and satisfaction.

Our commitment to the quality of our dolls along with the health and safety of all of our customers remains as strong as ever, and we look forward to delivering you one of our sex dolls in a timely and efficient manner, while observing and abiding by all of the necessary governmental requirements.

So you do not need to worry about a thing, as we will deliver you the very best sex doll experience available. 

Find your perfect Asian Sex Doll now! 

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