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What Is a Sex Doll? The Beginners Guide to Asian Love Dolls

Have you been thinking about buying a Asian Sex Doll? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you might have found yourself asking just what is a love and sex doll? Or maybe you have been wondering, just how does it all work? Do people really have intercourse and sexual experiences with sex dolls? And what type of materials are they made from? 

And does the type of material used make a difference to the overall experience? Or maybe you are just a little intrigued about the whole thing in general and would like to know a little bit more about the subject. Whatever might be the case, if you have an interest in Asian sex and love dolls then the following information is for you.

The truth of the matter is a sex doll is much more than just a lifeless piece of plastic or sex toy. The best sex dolls are true pieces of wonder and art. Fashioned from the highest of quality materials, sex and love dolls provide hours of company, fun and pleasure, right in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

So to answer your queries and in response to some of the most common questions, we have provided the following detailed information about sex dolls.

Just What Exactly Is A Sex Doll?

A sex and love doll is a sexual partner that has been designed in the body and the image of some of the most beautiful women from around the world, be they from Japan, Thailand, China or other parts of South East Asia, or indeed anywhere from anywhere on the earth at all.

Their bodies are attractive and anatomically correct, with very pleasing and pleasurable proportions and measures. From the look of - and in - their eyes, down to their feet and toes, both female and male sex dolls are lovingly and expertly crafted, to look and feel just like the real thing does.

And as part of the modern appearance of sex dolls they can be fully customised to suit and fit your own personal preferences and needs. Whether you prefer a small and petite partner or a more full-figured body, you can find your perfect match in the wonderful world of sex dolls.

Most sex dolls will consist of the entire body of the model, including the facial area and the head, along with the pelvis and legs. And all sex dolls come with anatomical body parts like a vagina, anus hole, and open and close mouth as well. They are after all sex dolls so do have a primary use of pleasurable function.

And an important distinction to be aware of is that sex and love dolls are not what is known as a sex robot. Sex robots often have animatronic and mechanical features and are equipped with more mechanics and technology than your regular sex doll.

In terms of history and who is thought to have invented sex dolls, their origin and use can be dated back to at least the 1700s, when sailors far from home would use dolls made from cloth, fabric and leather, to keep them sexually satisfied on their long and lonely voyages.

Thai love Dolls
And How Are Sex Dolls Made And Manufactured? 

Now that we have covered the basic points of what a sex doll is, you may also be wondering how it is that sex dolls are made. It is a simple and straight forward process which happens as follows: 

Step 1. 
A detailed and refined mixture of chemicals and powder are mixed at the place of manufacture and then poured into a specific mould, which is in the shape of a doll. The manufacturer of the doll will also most likely be involved with the assembling of the various pieces of the doll, such as the body, face, hands, and feet.

Step 2. 
To ensure the highest of quality the skeleton of the doll – which is already present in the casting mould - will be hand crafted. And each body part of the skeleton will be designed to be flexible to ensure that a lot of body movement is available. This will allow the doll to be moved into any position that its owner would like to place him or her in.

Step 3. 
After some time and when the initial body mixture has already cooled, the body of the doll is removed from its casting mould, and the manufacturer will begin the process of carefully moulding the body of the doll by hand.

Step 4. 
The doll will also be thoroughly cleaned during this stage once it has been completely removed its mould. The manufacturer of the doll may also apply a high gloss finish to its body to ensure a shiny and smooth finish to the exterior.

Step 5. 
Once the production process has been finished, the doll is thoroughly inspected to ensure that any rough edges have been removed, and that her body is well refined. Once that has been completed to satisfaction the sex doll is then put through another washing and cleaning process.

Step 6. 
Once dry, the genitals will be added to the body and the holes of her vagina, anus and mouth will be completely cleaned and inspected, to ensure that any future partner will enjoy a satisfying sexual and personal experience.

And How Do Sex And Love Dolls Work And Operate? 

Now that you know what they are and the process of how they are made, we get to the fun stuff - how do sex dolls actually work? Our female sex dolls are made and come with a fully working and operational vagina. To put it in plain terms, these are the finest masturbation, self-pleasure, and simulated sex toys in existence.

They are designed and produced to look and feel just like the real thing does, no matter what sexual position that you put them in. Also, they could be considered as a dummy that is also a sexual partner, who only wants and cares about giving and providing you with sexual pleasure.

And they are an excellent outlet to let you live out and perform your sexual fantasies with as well. There is no correct or right or wrong way when it comes to using a sex doll. Just have fun with it and let it go where the mood and pleasure takes you. Act as you would in any sexual scenario, and you are sure to be and feel satisfied.

What Does A Sex Doll Feel Like To Touch?

The best designed sex dolls are made and produced from a modern material known as TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which allow them to feel just like the real thing. Incredibly soft to touch and feel - while also being totally realistic - Asian sex dolls are a suitable substitute for the real thing.

And if you are looking for a very detailed explanation of the experience of having sex with a sex doll, there are many videos of such a thing freely available on the internet, but in truth, nothing will beat the real and pleasurable sex doll experience that you can have in your very own home.

Which leads us to the next question that you might have:

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And How Much Is An Asian Sex Doll?

If you are wondering how much an Asian love doll might cost, there are generally three pricing categories: 

Standard Sex Dolls
This type of sex doll is not customisable and is typically made from cheaper materials, costing between$50 and $500.

High Quality Sex Dolls 
This type of sex doll will be made from the high quality TPE material and will look and feel much more life-like to touch and fell. Their cost is between $1,000 and $3,000.

Fully Realistic Sex Dolls with Artificial Intelligence And Animatronics
Sex dolls with artificial intelligence and animatronics are the most expensive that are available on the market. They are highly customisable to the user’s preferences, and almost all parts of them can be upgraded, including their face and body, with additional accessories also available.

Additional extras such as pubic hair, body piercings, freckles and tattoos are available upon a user’s request. In terms of a realistic representation, these dolls look and feel just like the real version of some of the most beautiful women on the earth. The cost of these dolls range between $4,000 - $20,000 each.

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