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The Cleaning And Caring Guidelines For Your Asian Sex Doll

The maintenance of your Asian Love Doll is very easy once you know and understand how. Some of our customers ask about how to thoroughly clean their doll, and how to best apply and perform the proper care. And it is our belief that the good cleanliness and hygiene of her is a very important aspect of being a satisfied and proud owner of a love and sex doll.

As recognised industry professionals we have compiled the following guide to assist and inform our customers and also community of Asian Sex Doll lovers in the proper care - and after care – of their love doll.

How Often Should I Clean My Asian Love Doll?

The cleaning of your sex doll should be an important consideration and duty to you. By doing this you will ensure that your doll is in excellent condition and sanitarily clean for a long period of time, which will ultimately enhance your own personal experience and satisfaction.

It is important to undertake regular cleaning of your love doll in order to achieve a good mix of hygiene for her and for you. The best way to achieve this is to adapt a regular routine of cleaning her. By doing this you can be sure that the good hygiene of your sex doll is maintained while also ensuring that she is not damaged from over-regular or over-zealous cleaning practices. 

Our recommended cleaning routine suggestion to our customers is approximately every 2 to 4 weeks for those that participate in regular use. Although it might seem appropriate to clean your doll after every use, that practice may be detrimental to her quality and purpose, as regular intense cleaning can lead to doll tears and damage in the future.

Which Cleaning Materials Should I Use When Cleaning My Asian Sex Doll?

The following are our recommendations and suggestions for cleaning products and other materials which will assist you in maintaining a hygienic and properly functioning Love and Sex Doll:

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Warm water
  • A bottle of talcum powder (otherwise known as baby powder)
  • A light sponge
  • An additional second light sponge that has been cut up into smaller pieces
  • A non-abrasive cloth for drying
  • Medical pincers or tweezers
  • Strong / thick paper towel

Also please note: each sex doll will come delivered with a cleaning kit which will include a specific vaginal area cleaner.

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How Do I Best Clean The Body Of My Asian Sex Doll? 

The process of cleaning your love doll can be therapeutic and in turn a pleasing ritual of sorts. Many of our customers enjoy the process and find that the personal bond between them and their doll increases because of it.

To avoid any unwanted bacterial build up and to maintain excellent hygiene practices, we suggest a complete clean of your sex doll every 14 days, which will depend on your own personal use. You may wish to consider cleaning your doll more frequently than this, if you are interacting with her on a very frequent basis. 

We recommend that you clean your doll with the following products:

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Warm Water
  • A bottle of talcum powder (otherwise known as baby powder)
  • A light sponge
  • A non-abrasive cloth for drying

The following are techniques that we advise that you consider and use whenever you are cleaning your Asian Love Doll: 

The most efficient and easily undertaken method is by utilising using your own bathtub or shower. To begin with place your doll into your bathtub or shower. If possible when preparing to clean you should be able to lift and position the doll for your own ease of convenience.

To begin cleaning, our recommendation is that you should use a light sponge along with the antibacterial soap, to carefully and gently wash your doll in all of her appropriate areas. While cleaning your love doll, please only use light force and pressure at all times.

Preserving the quality of the skin of your doll is particularly important, so be careful not to get carried away while cleaning her body and other areas.

And while cleaning and washing your doll, it is very important that you make sure that her neck and head do not become over-wet or submerged under any water or liquids at any time, as this would most likely cause quality issues with her in the future.

How Do I Properly Clean The Holes And Orifices Of My Asian Sex Doll?

Cleaning the vagina, anus hole and cheeks, and mouth of your sex doll is a delicate process which you should take great care and attention with. The following method is an easy and effective way to clean one of these areas:

Apply warm water and some antibacterial soap to a small piece of sponge. Once the soap has been applied to the sponge, use can use it to clean an orifice of your doll with. Using the medical pincers or a set of tweezers, insert the sponge into the orifice of your doll and rotate it until the area is clean. Once completed, you can then dispose of this use piece of sponge, and repeat steps one and two with a new piece of sponge as we have set out previously above.

After cleaning the orifice two times the orifice should be clean. You should then insert a new small piece of dry sponge into the orifice to absorb and remove any remnants of excess soap reside or moisture that might remain there. Once you have completed the cleaning of your doll to your satisfaction, you should pat down the related area with a dry non-abrasive cloth.

You can also apply talcum or baby powder to the exterior area around the orifice. That is our suggested method to best clean and maintain the orifice areas of your doll. She will now be clean and will not contain any bacteria or unwanted substances, and this will ensure the cleanliness, longevity and quality of her to your satisfaction.

How Do I Clean The Facial Area Of My Asian Love Doll?

To begin with, you should remove or hold back your dolls hair and / or wig. Then apply warm water and antibacterial soap to a piece of sponge and begin gently cleaning the facial area and face of your doll in a careful manner.

You must be gentle during this cleaning process to ensure that you do not cause any unnecessarily damage to your doll. Also, to assist with this, only clean small parts and areas of your dolls face and head at any one time.

It is important that you keep the eyes of your love doll dry, and to remember not to use too much water whilst cleaning her. Once you are finished and are happy with the overall cleanliness of your sex dolls face and head, you should leave her to dry of her own accord.

If any moisture still remains on your dolls face or head after some time has passed, you can use a non-abrasive dry cloth to pat down any affected areas to assist in the removal of any excess moisture that may be present.

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What Is The Best Way To Dry My Asian Sex Doll After I Have Finished Cleaning It?

It is important that you dry the skin of your sex doll after you have finished cleaning and washing it. When her body is wet or features moisture, her skin is much more likely to suffer from tears and abrasions. 

You should use a light and non-abrasive material like a cloth to gently dry her body down after cleaning, and focus on removing any moisture from within her body, as the outside of her body will dry out naturally.

Once you have finished the cleaning process, you should set your love doll down and aside and leave her to dry for quite some time, to ensure that all moisture has evaporated.

Finally, once dry, you can apply talcum powder to the various parts of her body and skin, which will impart her with a lovely fragrance and a pleasing soft touch.

The Things That You Should Avoid While Cleaning Your Asian Love Doll

Using the correct cleaning and maintenance methods on your Love and Sex Doll are essential when caring for her, and to allow her to enjoy a long and satisfying life.

Previously we have mentioned the best methods for care and maintenance, and now we will talk about what you should not do - and the things that you should specifically avoid - when taking care of and cleaning your doll:

Using the wrong cleaning products and / or agents. Some cleaning products may cause a negative effect and damage to your doll. It is for this reason that we always recommend the use of antibacterial soap. Keep her away from sharp and / or damaging objects.

The skin of your doll is made of a delicate material, and it is prone to rip and tear easily. When cleaning your doll you should be mindful of her placement and keep her away from any sharp objects or materials. And keep her head above water.

There are parts and sections of your dolls face and head which need to remain dry, and it is for this reason that her face and head must never be fully and totally submerged under water or liquids of any kind.

Dry your doll with care. Her skin can tear very easily during the drying process. Avoid the use of extremely hot water when cleaning your doll.

As her skin will be warmer than usual during any washing, please take extra care and attention at this time, as she will be more susceptible to ripping and tearing.

Only use a dry non-abrasive cloth when drying your doll, and remember to not apply too much physical pressure when drying. Allow your doll to dry naturally.

Also, under no conditions should an electric hair dryer be applied or used to dry your love doll, as this will damage her body and skin.

How Do I Clean My Asian Sex Dolls Hair Or Wig?

Cleaning your dolls hair or wig is much like cleaning your own hair, and the process is also as simple as that. To perform the cleaning you can use your own hair products or similar.

To achieve good results which will increase the longevity and lifetime of her hair or wig, we advise and recommend that you use mild hair care products.

Before you begin with the cleaning process, please remove the hair or wig from your doll if possible. Then clean her hair or wig with shampoo and conditioner as you would your very own hair.

Once you have finished, wash out all of the shampoo and conditioner from your dolls hair and then leave her to dry naturally. For best results, if possible, place her wig on a stand to dry by itself.

After her hair or wig has dried, use a standard comb to gently comb through her hair, while being careful of any knots that might be present.

If you do encounter any knots in her hair, slowly pull the comb through the knots gently, as pulling through them too fast or too quickly might damage her hair or wig.

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Clothing Related Issues And Avoiding Stains On Your Asian Love Doll

One of the problems that our customers encounter when interacting with their doll is ink or dye staining. For example, her skin will very readily absorb colour from clothing that she may be wearing.

If she likes to wear clothes, please ensure that you have washed them previously to her wearing them, to ensure that you minimise any risk of staining from inks or dyes. 

Also, only let her wear clothing that is unlikely to transmit or transfer any colour inks or dyes. Once you are sure that the clothing and any materials intended for wearing by your doll are suitable, make sure that the clothes and materials themselves are dry. If the clothing is damp or wet there is a risk of staining to your dolls sensitive skin.

These guidelines are a good general rule for any fabric and materials that might come in contact with your love doll, and they should be applied to anything that might come in contact with your dolls skin.

The Proper Storage Of Your Asian Sex Doll

There are various ways that you can store your Love and Sex Doll to keep her in excellent condition. The following is a set of rules and criteria that we highly recommend that you adhere to when considering storage options for her:

A lot of sunlight exposure will cause wear and tear and overall damage to you doll, and it will cause her skin to degrade and reduce faster than normal.

Your dolls skin and body can easily collect dust particles that will adhere to it, so please be mindful of that when storing her.

We recommend storing her in a high quality storage bag or perhaps in the original delivered product box that she arrived in, as any dust that is present and that can collect can be difficult to remove.

Storage Bags, Inks And Dyes:
If you choose to store your doll in a dedicated and specific storage bag, be aware and mindful and careful in regards to any ink, dyes or branding that might already be present on the storage bag, as that has potential to transfer on to your love dolls skin.

As she could be in the storage bag for an extended and long period of time, any inks or dyes that may be present have the potential to stain or transfer from the bag and onto her delicate skin.

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