The Most Effective And Practical Ways You Can Store And Protect Your Sex Doll

Today a large amount of people own love and sex dolls. They are a great source of sexual excitement and they can keep you pleasantly occupied during your leisure time. And they are also of great benefit to couples who are in a long-distance relationship but still need to be sexually satisfied.

Additionally, users and owners of sex dolls are safe from contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDs, and other dangerous and prevalent infections. It is easy to see why so many people all over the world own and use a love and sex doll.

Today we examine the various practical ways that you can store your sex doll, along with the important reasons why you must employ a suitable storage solution for it.

The Importance Of Proper Storage Of Your Sex Doll

Having a well-thought-out space to store and protect your sex doll will afford you privacy and confidentiality. The best storage spaces are discreet and inconspicuous, and for your own and others comfort they should not outwardly show anything associated with love and sex dolls.

If you decide to take your doll outside of your residence your portable case or container for it should also be discreet. Storage solutions for love and sex dolls should not only be practical and sturdy, but they should also deliver privacy and confidentiality.

Prolonging The Life Of Your Sex Doll

A sex doll is like a human body that does not have the capacity to take care of itself. It features a skin of TPE or silicone that is similar to that of a human being. Therefore, the dolls skin is at risk of damage if it is not handled and stored correctly. For example, a deep scratch or tear could leave your love doll in a less than desirable condition. 

And you may not be present at all times to ensure that your doll is kept in safe and pristine condition. It is for these reasons that a reliable storage solution for your doll – that is safe and secure – is highly recommended. Proper storage of your doll will keep it in good condition which will assist in its serving and satisfying of you for a long time into the future.

Storage And Room Considerations

Unfortunately, it may not be appropriate to display your sex doll to the public and to visitors to your home. It is possible that some visitors may have a negative reaction to it, as not everybody will share your love and affection for sex dolls. This is another reason for you to investigate proper storage for your doll.

You can be creative with your choice of storage should you choose to be, and you can even match it to the colours of its dedicated space. We would recommend that you consider the size of your storage solution in conjunction with the room in which it will be kept.

Health Protection

The use of a proper storage facility for your doll will also assist you in maintaining your own good health. A doll that is not correctly stored is at risk of developing mould growth or other undesirable elements. If this was to occur your own health would be at risk from bacterial diseases and / or fungal infections, that would no doubt be detrimental to your own health.

And you should be mindful of such things when storing your doll. As such you should consider the state and health of your doll just as you would your own body. And make sure that a good storage solution is applied for health and hygiene reasons. Which will also have the added benefit or prolonging the lifetime of your doll.

How to store your Sex Doll
Problems That May Occur From The Poor Storage Of Your Sex Doll

Not employing proper storage for your sex doll can lead to many unwanted complications. Depending on your own situation, these can vary from person to person. The major problems that can be associated with not having proper storage of your doll include:

Exposing Your Privacy

Your sex doll is your own personal property that you most likely would not want anyone to access or have knowledge of. Unfortunately, some people may have negative judgements or opinions about sex dolls. It is for this reason that you should avoid complications by utilising a proper storage solution for your doll.

This includes making sure your storage options is of correct size to house your doll. If you sex doll is correctly stored then you do not need to have any fears of your privacy being compromised.

Damage To Your Love And Sex Doll

If you decide not to employ proper storage for your love and sex doll than it is no doubt at risk of damage and a shortened lifespan. For example placing it under your bed would invite all sorts of problems including dirt and dust, which in turn could lead to health complications for yourself.

Dampness and mould affecting your doll would also be of concern. And there would also be physical dangers such as ripping and / or tearing. Pests and chemicals could also present themselves which would be very unsatisfactory to you, as the user of your doll. So it is for these reasons that it is best that you utilise safe and secure storage for your doll.

Poor Appearance Of Your Room

Imagine if you keep your room in a disorderly fashion, with clothes strewn about and your sex doll left out in the open. This would not be a good sight. By not properly storing your sex doll you can potentially create or add to untidiness.

Therefore the use of proper storage for your doll can assist in your personal housekeeping habits. And as always, utilise a storage solution of the right height and width dimensions to match your doll own dimensions.

Potential Health Problems For You

Improper storage of your sex doll could cause it to become very unhygienic, with the potential for mould growth on the doll due to moisture being present, or even insects and pests being attracted to it due to it not being stored properly.

If you were to interact with your doll with any of these undesired elements present there is a very real risk that you yourself could contract serious health problems. Bacterial infections and skin disease are just some of the risks that could eventuate from these types of situations and from bad storage solutions.

And in terms of your body, your sexual organs in particular are very vulnerable to bad health conditions due to their intimate nature, and it would be most unwise for you to interact intimately with your doll should any of these risks be present. 

How to store your Sex Doll
How Should You Store Your Love And Sex Doll?

There are many ways to store your love and sex doll which will come down to the budget you allocate; the available space that you have; and what is most convenient for you. 

Does The Storage Position Of the Doll’s Limbs Matter?

The aim of employing proper storage for your doll is to keep it in its original form and undamaged in any way. Whichever method you choose to your store your doll it is important that it keeps its original form and figure similar to when it first arrived to you. 

Techniques You Can Apply To Best Store And Hide Your Doll
Vertical And Upright Storage Options

You can place or hang your doll in a convenient yet discreet location anywhere in your home, using either a specific container or storage method, or even a closet space. Hanging a doll upright while its limbs are by its side is a practical and popular way to store it. 

Dolls With Stand-Up Feet

Purchasing a doll with stand-up feet is highly recommended. While it is true that this type of model is a little more expensive, the added health and storage benefits that it brings are worth it in our opinion. The stand-up feet option will enable your doll to stand up in a cupboard space if you have one available, which most people do have inside their own homes.

And some doll lovers are known to upwardly position their doll akin to a fashion mannequin, and to dress it up and display it discreetly or indiscreetly, in line with their own circumstances and preferences. For your information the stand-up feet addition to  your doll will normally retail for less than US$100.00 to have it applied. 

The Cupboard Storage Solution

If you are the owner of a home cupboard, as most people are, then this may be a suitable solution to your love and sex doll storage needs. By adding a picture hook or wall mount - which are cheaply and easily purchased - to the inside of your cupboard, you can easily hang your doll up regardless of its weight or height.

And by hanging your doll up like this you will also increase its structural and surface life, as you will be reducing pressure on the various joins throughout its body and reducing the risk of external damage. Or if you doll comes with the aforementioned stand-up option, then a cupboard is a natural and suitable place to store it. 

Precautions You Should Take When Utilising Cupboard Storage

When moving your doll in and out of cupboard storage you should do so gently and with caution, in order to avoid any damage to it. And if you decide to use a picture hook or wall mount to hang it, it is advisable that you do not let you doll hang freely by the head or neck, as this may damage the upper areas of it.

To ensure this you should install your picture hook or wall mount at a suitable height. And if there is a distance present between your dolls feet and the ground, you can place a cushion or other soft object between the dolls feet and the ground, which will also help reduce pressure to your dolls body.

While your doll is hanging be careful when placing things in the space around it, once again to avoid damage. And you can also cover your doll while it is hanging with a lightweight material, which will serve to protect and shield it from unwanted damage. And finally, always lock the door to your cupboard in order to maintain your own personal privacy. 

Horizontal Or Lying Down Storage Options 

Storing your doll horizontally or lying down is another way that people decide to store their dolls. 

Using A Dedicated Doll Storage Case

Using a dedicated storage for your doll is highly advised if it is available to you. The storage cases that are available for sale will protect and prolong the life of your doll. Dedicated love and sex doll storage cases can range and vary in price, between US$80 and US$650 in some instances.

While we understand that some doll users might not wish to pay for this additional cost, we feel that the protection and longevity that it will provide your doll is well worth the cost. And you may also be able to find other additional uses for a dedicated storage case, apart from the housing of your doll. 

Precautions You Should Use When Storing Your Doll In A Case

When storing your doll in a dedicated storage case you should exercise caution. You should place it in its case softly and correct and avoid any contact between the outer skin layer of the doll and the outer hard covering of the case. The doll should be stored in a neutral position and you should not bend its limbs or contort it in anyway.

When you first receive delivery of your doll it can be useful to record the unpacking process as you will receive it in its correct stationary position. This can be a useful reminder of good storage techniques for the future.

And as long as the doll and it is storage case are kept in a cool, dry and hygienic location, you should not need to add any additional coverings or protection to it within its dedicated storage case, unless you choose to. 

Furniture Which Features In-Built Storage

If you have a bench, couch or lounge which features in-built storage than that is another option for you to store your love or sex doll within. Benches with storage are a popular and safe option for many doll owners. Couches and lounges are also popular options with the added benefit of no one being the wiser what is contained within.

If you don’t have anything suitable than you can shop around for something at an affordable price that also suits your home. An alternative if you have an interest in woodworking is to create your own custom solution, with many online tutorials available which can assist you with such a build. 

Precautions You Should Be Aware of When Using Furniture With In-Built Storage

You should be careful when placing your doll inside such storage as it most likely will not have dedicated cushioning, unlike a custom sex doll storage solution. If you are using such a space you can add foam padding to the exterior, which can be easily purchased from a hardware store or similar.

You can also place other soft materials in with your doll in order to protect it’s outside layer and skin from abrasion. Just be sure not to place any fabrics near the doll that may allow their dye to run or stain the outside of you doll. 

How to store your Sex Doll
Storing Your Sex Doll Under Your Bed

Storing your doll under a bed including your own is one of the most preferred storage solutions for a lot of love and sex doll owners. Ease of access is an obvious advantage as your doll will be close at hand at all times for your comfort and enjoyment. 

And you will not need to go far should the mood strike you for some romantic interaction! If you decide to take this option just be aware of the usual issues and pre-cautions surrounding your doll in terms of damage and hygiene. 

Precautions That Need To Be Taken When Storing Your Doll Under Your Bed

If you decide to store your doll under your bed it is advisable that you place some cushions or foam on the floor underneath it before doing so. If you were to lie your doll down on a hard surface like concrete or timber flooring then there is an increased chance of damage to the back of your doll.

You should also cover your doll with a light cloth or blanket in order to protect it from unwanted damage, dust and pests. Using a light cloth or blanket also serves the purposes of concealing your doll from unwanted attention from friends and family.

And be sure to check in on your doll regularly to ensure its condition is still in a suitable condition. And obviously do not place or put any sharp objects or implements under you bed where they may come in contact with your doll and damage it.

Finally never store your doll in an unnatural position with its limbs crossed, folded or twisted. It is important that you store your doll in the neutral arms down and straight position at all times. 

Storage Located Within Your Bed

Some beds come fitted with a dedicated storage space and this may also be a suitable solution when storing your doll. If using this option remember to take the usual precautions and to add some soft fabric, foam or cushioning to assist with the storage of your doll. 

Storing Your Doll In Its Original Shipping Packaging

If you do not have any immediate storage methods available to you then utilising the dolls original shipping package is also a valid option. The original package will have the added benefit of being free but should only be considered a short-term storage option, and not a long term one. 

Considerations If Using Your Dolls Original Shipping Packaging For A Storage Option

Storing your doll in its original shipping packaging should not be considered a long-term solution as a storage option. If you do decide to use your original packaging as a storage solution you should ensure that it is kept in a dry place and that any excess dirt and dust does not gather there.

Inside the packaging yay your doll down in a neutral position so that its arms are by its sides and its legs are flat and straight. And when removing your doll or placing it back in be sure to do so in a careful manner.

Due to its nondescript nature your doll will be afforded some privacy if it is kept in its original shipping packaging, though you should only store it in a safe, secure and discreet location, to avoid yourself any embarrassment or on-going issues. 

How to store your Sex Doll
Storing Your Doll On The Top Of Your Bed

While the top of your bed is not the ideal location to store your doll it is obvious why some people might choose to do this. The convenience of access is the most obvious one, and should you choose to do this you can cover your doll with a blanket to at least conceal it should you have a surprise visitor or inspection.

Another reason people may store their doll on top of their bed is if they are suffering an ailment which prevents them from accessing other storage options. And in some cases some dolls can be quite heavy be design and preference, and their owners may not enjoy accessing their doll from hard to reach places. 

Precautions To Take When Storing Your Doll Under A Blanket Or Clothing

If you decide to store your love and sex doll under a blanket or some clothing you should ensure that the doll is first in a neutral position and that its arms, legs and neck are not twisted.

And you should also ensure that the blanket or clothing used to place on the top of the doll will not leak any dye or stain the skin of your doll in anyway. And any ornaments or attachments such as zippers on the clothing should be kept away from your doll to reduce the risk of damage to it.

Additional Scenarios - Storage Solutions 
Love And Sex Doll Owners With Limited Space

If the storage space available to you is limited, you should explore other possibilities such as converting furniture which is already present in your home and that you already own.

Benches and cupboards can be an option for storage space conversion, as can the space underneath your bed. And if you do decide to buy a dedicated sex doll storage solution the underneath of your bed is the most likely location that you should keep it. 

Doll Owners And Photography

If you have an interest or passion for photography and would like to include your doll in your hobby, you should consider purchasing a stand-up version of a doll or additional feet add-ons. This will assist you when you are photographing your doll and you will also be able to move and manipulate your doll into various standing positions.

If your doll is unable to stand up on its own then you will need to stand it up against a surface, which will reduce the aesthetic appearance of the photographic image that you are trying to capture. 

People With Back Injuries Or Mobility Issues

People who suffer from mobility issues should consider the storage location of their doll so they are not physically inconvenienced. You should keep your doll close at hand – perhaps under or on top of your bed – so that it is easily accessed, and be mindful of the overall weight of the doll so that you do not cause yourself further injury or harm.

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