About Asian Sex Dolls

We specialize exclusively in premium quality Asian looking Sex Dolls and feature a large selection of over 200 lifelike stunningly sexy Asian Love Dolls uniquely suited to your tastes. Asian Sex Dolls takes pride in its close relationship with the world’s top manufactures ensuring peace of mind to all buyers. We only offer the best quality available in the market.

About Asian Sex Dolls
Service & Customer Care

Asian Sex Dolls strives to be as helpful as possible and we value our customers aiming to build a long-standing relationship with you. We maintain a high level of quality in our products, fast & reliable services, quality control and shipping process. We respond and deal with all requests in a professional manner.

100% Original Certified Authentic Sex Dolls

As a certified supplier of manufacturers such as WM Dolls ®, Irontech Dolls ®, Sino Dolls ®, JY Dolls ®, Qita Dolls ®, AF Dolls ®, Jarliet Dolls ®, AS Dolls ®, Dollhouse 168 ® our clients are assured that they are buying the genuine article and not of the many cheap fakes that inundate the internet.

Sex Doll Manufacturers

All products listed on the site come with approved reselling authorization from the manufacturers. Please feel free to contact the manufacturer to confirm that we are a legitimate reseller representing their brand. 

Avoid Scams and Frauds

An independently commissioned research by market consultants has shown that approximately 50% of all Sex Doll websites on the internet are scam sites. That includes eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Alibaba Express, and others who built their own professional looking website designed to persuade buyers that they are an authentic reseller approved by the manufacturer.

Sometimes they mislead customers by showing pictures of high quality TPE or Silicon Sex Dolls, but then ship out fake low quality dolls or even cheap inflatable dolls coated in TPE. These counterfeit Love Dolls are made using inferior materials and improper production methods resulting in a very low-grade quality product. Such imitation Sex Dolls have only a very limited lifespan and lack the lifelike features and realistic feel. DO NOT BUY A FAKE DOLL! 

Avoid fake Sex Dolls

Please visit our regularly updated Asian Sex Doll Blog featuring articles providing valuable information round about the topic Sex Dolls. If you have any questions please Contact Us and it will be the pleasure of our friendly customer service team to assist you with your inquiry.