Order & Shipping Information


Preparing Your Order For Your Asian Sex Doll

Once we have received the payment for your doll the production of her will begin within 24 hours. Once she has been produced, she will be ready for shipping within approximately 10 days. 

Once your doll has been made we send you a selection of pictures for your approval, once approved we proceed for dispatch. Our quality control department gives your doll one last check and then the package is released for shipment.

The Shipping Time For Your Doll 

The shipping time is approximately 20 days. Times may currently vary due to Covid.

Express Air Shipping

For Express Air Shipping please Contact Us for more information. 

The Courier Used To Deliver Your Doll

All international orders of our dolls are shipped via Sea or Train and will be dispatched to your door by UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Discreet Delivery Of Your Doll Is Assured 

We understand the importance and value of your privacy. Your purchase of your doll and its delivery will be handled in a very discreet manner, and it will only be known to ourselves and yourself, and perhaps international customs officials.

We pride ourselves on the strict privacy protocols that surround all of our shipments. There will be no visual indication on the outside of the packaging that describes or alludes to the contents that are contained within. 

And it is highly likely that your delivery man or post office will not know the contents of your shipment, and we will always ensure that it remains that way. Upon the arrival of your doll, all that you will need to do is accept its delivery, just like any other letter or package that you would receive.

This is what is known as discreet white glove delivery, and we are sure that you will be happy with the packaging, delivery and receipt of your Asian Sex Doll.  

The Packaging Of Your Doll

Protective wrapping will be used in the shipment of your doll, and your doll will be safely packaged and secured, and all associated paperwork will be contained within the packaging also. We ship each love doll in a plain brown box which contains protective packaging and shock resistant foam included within.

Depending on the dimensions and the size of your doll, the box that will be delivered to you will be approximately 150 cm tall, 42 cm wide and 28 cm deep in size. 

Customs Duties And Taxes 

Customs and import duties for many countries will be pre-paid by us and there are NO HIDDEN or ADDITIONAL COSTS at your end.

However we are unable to pay customs and import duties on your behalf for all destinations as every country has their own systems and taxation fees which they apply. Customs and import duties which have been levied in such countries by your local authority – upon import - will need to be paid for by you - the customer - as the importer of the product. 

Please Contact Us for more information regarding your specific location.

Shipping From: For Your Doll

All of our orders are shipped from China, where all sex doll brands and types originate from. 

Shipping To: For Your Doll 

We ship to all countries around the world, except for those where sex dolls and toys being illegal, and strict customs control and clearance procedures applied by those countries. 

FIND OUT >> What countries in the world allow you to legally import Sex Dolls?

Discreet Billing, Invoicing and Receipt For Your Doll

We will ensure that no mention of our website will appear or show on your financial statements. The only mention of the service provided by us will be our company name, which will be described and displayed on your financial records as “Canyon Hangout”.

There will be absolutely no mention of the details of your purchase, or of sex dolls, or any adult toys, or related services, on any of your financial documents whatsoever.